Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New goods!

A Bookshelf - SOLD

It is not a 'vintage' piece, but it was looking old.  Now, it's a fresher version with a little distressing to look as though it's been used for years.  Now, it's a fresher version with a little distressing to look as though books have been housed for years on it's shelves.

Sturdy.  A great staple piece for books, collections, or a cute combination of children's books, wooden toys, and fabric bins to hold kiddo 'treasures'.

Measures:  30 in. length, 31 in. height, 14 in. deep
Full disclosure here- the backing is not wood, it's a moderate thickness pressboard.  But, this puppy does boast 3 coats of paint and hand-applied wax to protect the finish and give that time worn patina.  

Creamy metal birdcage  $16
Able to hand from the hook.  Latch closure on working door

The turquoise tray?  Well, if you have visited my blog before, or 'like' Livelygrace (all-together now) on facebook, you may have noticed my affinity to turquiose.  So, for now, it stays.  But I will share a photo another photo...

cute, eh? 
But I do have cute available for you too...

Gilded framed vintage key with your choice of initial  $  10 (each)
2 available

Maybe a sentimental Valentine's gift, just a thought!  Approximately 3 inches square.  

Some house keeping:
Items for sale are for local pick up, cash sales only.
Please contact me via email initially, then we can set up a time for you to have a look.
Sounds stock, but no obligation to buy if you take a closer look. 
Receive an email regarding future posts - add your email to the list a the top of this post. 

Thanks for stopping by!


Friday, January 20, 2012

Auction item

Did that get your attention?

I do enjoy an auction.  The auctioneer's chatter, the excitement of bidding, practicing my poker face, watching other people bidding...it's all good.  This time, though, I am donating an item to the auction.  Specifically, my son's school auction thru Holy Spirit Catholic School.  It's our school's biggest fundraiser.  And it's a blast!  

So here's one of my donations.

It's a sweet little vintage side table.  I believe at one time it was meant to hold records.  The lid is hinged  in the back and there are 4-5 wood dividers inside where you could slide your tunes.  In an organized fashion.  Maybe like a vintage playlist. (Insert the cute little smiley face here).  The paint was actually a Christmas gift.  See, I'm a thrifty gal at heart, but had read so much about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on other blogs I was intrigued, so receiving it as a gift was perfect!  And yes, it is as awesome as you have heard.  And the wax ... absolutely lovely!

I picked this cutie up at the last Wildhare Flea Market in October from a fellow vendor.  Can you see why I'm already looking forward to the next flea market in March?  Selling re-graced goodness from my booth, shopping other vendors booths, getting to know some awesome people, a venue where I can get away with wearing a vintage apron ... sounds like a great weekend to me!  (Reminder to self - get coffee, it's also a very busy weekend!)

Next Saturday, January 28th, is the Holy Spirit Catholic School auction!  All are invited!  There is a silent auction first, where items range from private art lessons for your child by an amazing teacher, themed baskets, jewelry, massages, art, to handmade handbags.  This is where you will find my little table.

The food is fantastic, and you can sip a glass of wine while out bidding your friends!  Then the live auction begins and you'd better be ready.  Guided fishing trips, group dinners, and of course items created by the kids of the school.  Think quilts with all of the preschoolers handprints and a quote, or dinner and entertainment for 10 from the 4th graders.  I'm excited to see what the full school auction project is this year.  
So, if you're in the Pocatello area, come to the auction.  Music and dancing follow the auction, it is a great event for just $25.  Tickets can be purchased at the school or Phil Meador Toyota the night of the event.

Regardless of where you live, thanks for visitng! 
Although this one is going to auction, prior posts have items available for local sale.

Happy weekend!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Hello!  I've discounted a few things.  Although I have worked on a couple furniture pieces, one is for yours truly, the other has been a project for my son's school upcoming auction, so a little random offering today.  So, take a look...peruse...lolli-gag...click-through...scroll.  Hope you enjoy.  If you find anything you're interested in, shoot me an email:  livelygrace@me.com and we'll set a time for you to come by and check it further!

 3 legged side table with metal edge  SOLD
brown wire basket  $6  SOLD

small worn red door $16  $10
with a cute little knob for hanging 

Chippy paint wooden window $26 20
28 X 36 inches
sorry...this wreath is not for sale

shabby wood birdcage $10  $8
eggs & nest stay with me : )

Sweet Baby Bed clock $8  $6

Homer Laughlin Ironstone  $10  $7
(3 pieces)

small cloche with scalloped edge $6  $4
Vintage Zero fan  $24  $20

TGIF!  Well, close enough!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A favorite

Happy New Year!
So, OK, maybe it is well into the first week, but hey, didn't it come fast?
Taking a peek back, I'm pretty happy with 2011.  Not only did I have a booth at my first flea market, I did it again!  It may not sound earth-shattering, but it's something I had contemplated before, had a conflict for a specific prior date, and is a little leap of faith in yourself.  And it was a blast!  Plans are in the making for a March Wildhare Flea Market, and I've already got a few 'attraction' items set aside : ) !
I also started my blog in 2011, and have had fellow junkers, vintage lovers, and curious peeps actually take a look!  Not to mention selling a few things.   Thank you to all who have perused and continue to visit.

A favorite of 2011 is this stationary cabinet.  

Who knew underneath all that paint was such a cutie?     Well, I had high hopes as I loaded it into the trunk of my car - just fit.  Good thing my Dad visited the same sale, we stopped mid-road for him to check out my find in the trunk!  What an opportunity for me- he had a truck and picked up a vintage wooden box, that no matter how I hoped, would not fit in my car!

I used a more 'green' paint stripper, Citristrip, to remove the paint.  It worked well, without harsh fumes.  Still, stripping paint is a messy involved project.  

The inside needed a little de-cobwebbing.  Then I  stained both the top and inside.  I was so pleased with the color and time-loved look of the top!  Of course, then I pained and the sides and door, purposefully 'missing' areas and then distressing in areas after the paint dried.

This cabinet lives in the entry to my home.  Now, yes, I moved it into the kitchen during the Christmas cookie making project (yeah - I admitted the New Year snuck up) to get better light to share pictures with you.  This cabinet, and a look back at 2011 give me a little boost!  Both took a little searching (I didn't notice this cabinet on the first go-thru at the sale), some hard work, patience, and risk taking;  here's to more in 2012!